Welcome to my blog where I write short essays and poems on a monthly basis on social change, deep love, intersectionality, mindfulness, complexity, and emergence.

I’m a multi-genre writer moving between essay, poetry, and creative non-fiction. I’m interested in collage and found text as integrators of our minds natural state. Whether awake or asleep, our minds jump from thought to thought and emotion to emotion as we sift through the fragmented dossier of the day. I write about the body as landscape within ecofeminism, dominant culture and patriarchy, ritual and radical power, and facilitating social change. The work is informed by my experiences of moving, feeling, sensing, and seeing on a day to day context and how these experiences can create splinters within ourselves. I like to merge the different ways that the natural environment and human bodies communicate specifically on atomic levels. My work has been influenced mostly by complexity theory, Octavia Butler, fractals, Mary Oliver, mysticism, Rupi Kaur, physics, Audre Lorde, and David Shields.

I was born in Indiana and received a B.F.A. in Fine Arts in 2003. I currently reside in Seattle where I received an M.A. in Environment and Community. I define myself as a maker, writer and facilitator of essays, prose, poetry, workshops, foods and herbs. My work has appeared in Gastronomica, Kosmos, and A Growing Culture, and I’m the author of the published book No Table Too Small and write regularly here at the food coup. My passion in the politics of food, body, and environment began over 10 years ago and since then I have co-founded the Indianapolis Food, Farm and Family Coalition and worked with varying agriculture, economic development, extension, activist and nonprofit agencies promoting food and social justice. Currently, I focus on breaking down dominant white culture by facilitating spaces for people to emerge into their best selves and co-create new ways of being. In my free time I like to camp, bicycle, read, and hike.