Is it only because of the dancing Douglas Firs or the tempest Mojave canyons or the thunderous roll of rivers and lakes that wind makes a sound?

A relentless whir. Is it the background hum of interstate or wind from atop a summit gazing at Middle Fork?  I’m not sure one can really exist without the other. It almost has a rumble to it, a mixture of thunder and rolling air, constant and changeless to my ears. It’s given away as perhaps interstate whir with it’s slightly unnatural sound of metal moving fast through space.

I only know I’m looking upon Middle Fork because someone told me as we passed each other. I’m here by myself, so I’m not really sure I’m looking at it since I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for. Do I only know wind because someone at some point in my life pointed it out and said that particular noise is known as wind? Ever since, I know what wind is supposed to be with its sound and texture of waves hurling towards me with the light scatter of leaves to branches to trunks quaking and finally rumbling through the canyons or perhaps the freight train of tornado’s air, tree tops waving and dancing, whipping but not howling, it rolls and at times thrashes like a tormented animal. But what if no one had told me? Would these sounds still be wind or the sound of what was just described?

Admittedly, I looked up what wind is and where it comes from. Apparently our air molecules run amuck, into one another and other objects. They’re just bouncing around out there like a giant bouncy house. Air molecules are always swooping into places with least pressure (aren’t we all?) and this swooping into low pressure areas creates wind. I have to think that wind is simply air moving through space and when it interacts with things around it is when it makes the sound we know as wind. Think about a soft curling breeze. I can hear the gentle rattle of leaves that signals what we call breeze with the cool, delicate air dancing across my shoulders. These moments tell me that breeze has come to cool my heated day or prepare for fall and winter.

Perhaps wind is not air. Wind is air and elements of leaves, water, narrow spaces, flames. Wind requires more than air to exist. How lovely that even down to the air that surrounds us like flowing silk is interdependent on elements around it to emerge sounds, feelings, and signals. Emerging interdependence for even the simplest of things – wind – which then produces emergent qualities within me, and perhaps you of spring, fall, winter, storm, pleasure, smiles, cold, layers, worry, or protection.

Every morning I wake to the same sounds of varying birds of which I know zero names. A sign of spring, the end of winter, that all is well.


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