food apartheid or
food desert or
food waste
high-need or low-resource
is the movement predominantly white
(structural racism)
or is that what we’re told
that’s what we’re shown
their work unseeing unless you’re
or simply paying attention or
black or brown or…

circling and circling
with no beginning or end
food as medicine
well being
healing, community
in some places.

struck with emotions of anger, irritability
a freight train
as light and fast as a bird
carrying you on its wings
the speed is nothing to take light
on the back
of the train of birds
white supremacy culture promotes this
be strong, confident
but not weak

i was listening to
a dharma talk
that talked
anger and karma.

before I lose anyone with
that word
just listen
we are accessing
any time we
are receiving or
giving anger (or hate)
maybe this sounds
we may
not have a choice
in receiving
we have a choice
in how we react.

do we create more negative karma
or stop it in its tracks?
power is completely
in our hands.

we can turn from our paternalistic perfectionism
urgent defensiveness, individualistic right to comfort.
it feels so good to
step aside
let the anger flow by like a babbling stream.
my anger won’t stop someone else’s anger.
we will only fuel each other.
standing at a fire
throwing gasoline
over and over
while adding paper and matches.
maybe we even throw a little alcohol on it.

why not, right?

the leaf’s painting
heightens my own inadequacies
within this journey
a sense of urgency
comes over
inclusiveness is left to
the wolves
defending power, honor, and
becomes just a raft with
no preserver
where is the love?
why do you
not have the tools
you require.

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